Bruised and shaken. Fear reigned supreme. The end is near… … or is it? A sense of calmness takes over. Something inside stirred. And slowly, yet surely, the phoenix rises from its ashes.


Sighness, Sinus

Lately I've been so caught up reading articles on Medium and Sidebar that I've completely ignored posting on this blog for over a month now. When I happened to re-read one of the posts detailing our night trek, I knew I simply had to get back to writing. And so, here I am - back … Continue reading Sighness, Sinus

Wind, water, adventurously ever after

LONG POST ALERT! After a gazillion not-so-successful attempts at organizing a decent trip, we finally had one materialize despite so many odds stacked against us. I'd been ranting to anyone who would listen about how I needed to go someplace new and when the opportunity came up, I just couldn't let it pass. Enter Gunashree, my … Continue reading Wind, water, adventurously ever after

Postage stamps, plumbing and perspective

With Artificial Intelligence being the buzzword of the decade, we have self-driven cars, self-learning robots, self-learning intelligent everything flooding our newsfeed on a daily basis. Newspaper articles titled 'Robots will be smarter than man,' make me wonder if that is indeed possible. Have we ever stopped to ponder that it was the human brain that … Continue reading Postage stamps, plumbing and perspective

Why art remains my first love

Back when we were in college, I could never quite wrap my head around how anybody could go binge-watching Friends for 10 times in a row and not get bored. Fast forward to present day, I swear to god I've never been more addicted to a TV series. Every conceivable human emotion has been portrayed so brilliantly - … Continue reading Why art remains my first love