Why art remains my first love

Back when we were in college, I could never quite wrap my head around how anybody could go binge-watching Friends for 10 times in a row and not get bored. Fast forward to present day, I swear to god I’ve never been more addicted to a TV series. Every conceivable human emotion has been portrayed so brilliantly – they are not a bunch of perfect people who do and say the right things all the time – I just sit gaping at the laptop screen thinking, ‘DAMN! How many times has that happened to me? This is so relatable I could cry!’ Already sat through six seasons and dreading the day I finish the last episode of season ten. *silently wipes an unformed tear*

News headlines: Four long-lost friends attend two weddings and watch a movie… in ONE day! You read that right. Is May the official marriage month or what? Too many people getting hitched. Rosh, Chethan, Kavya and I attended Shirley’s sister’s wedding and Sumanth’s reception this month. Hearty looked ever-so-beautiful as the bride and the whole ceremony was short and sweet. Had a blast at Sumanth’s reception – we bumped into a couple of our college friends. The previous week we were in a dilemma as to how we would manage to attend two weddings (most of us could not apply for two days’ leave and every other idea reached a dead end) when Kavya came up with the plan of attending the wedding of one and the reception of another… on the same day! Are we successfully adulting or what? *cue trumpet sound* After the wedding in the morning, we went to Nagarjuna to grab a quick bite before gearing up for the next one. We realized there was a lot of time left for the event so Chethan suggested we watch a movie to fill the gap. Shuddhi is a Kannada thriller about juvenile crime and assaults against women. Unlike the stereotypical potboilers that go ‘boy meets girl – they fall in love – fight the feelings – eventually get married – the end’, Shuddhi was like a breath of fresh air. Good plot and a nail-biting second half had us on the edge of our seats. After the movie, Chethan pointed out that there were no songs at all. No romance, just raw emotions. Some of the events showcased in the movie were quite unsettling, yet it had my attention from the word go. There needs to be more such thought-provoking movies.

Did I mention I landed a graphic design internship a while back? Designing for pleasure with no deadlines and designing for an audience under time constraints are two completely different things. Every single day here is a learning experience. Recently we were told that it would be more feasible to turn one of our instructional designs into a stencil and spray paint on it, with the only exception being Kannada text does not have a readily available stencil typeface. After googling for a remedy, I discovered that we could manually cut the letters by placing rectangles on it – a tedious job, but works just fine.


Or so I thought until we gave it for print.


Some of the letters were barely legible as the counters had fallen off and it was a mess. When design fails, art comes to the rescue! I suggested that we use a detail knife to manually replace the illegible letters.


Remains to be seen if that works out. Fingers crossed. All hail art!

And now my Friends marathon awaits. Catch you soonly!


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