Sighness, Sinus

Lately I’ve been so caught up reading articles on Medium and Sidebar that I’ve completely ignored posting on this blog for over a month now. When I happened to re-read one of the posts detailing our night trek, I knew I simply had to get back to writing. And so, here I am – back to what I’d missed the most – typing away to glory!

If you’ve stuck around long enough, you’ll know how awful I was at remembering birthdays. Well, not anymore (mentally touches wood for good measure)! Successfully wished all the October-borns without the need of a reminder – yay me! We went out for a family dinner on amma’s birthday. Sheekha, rosh and I dropped by Gaja’s place on her big day. Her colleague Pragathi had made a beautiful collage for Gaja with the help of the kids in her class. It read ‘Gaja didi we love you’. How thoughtful of Pragathi and kudos to the kids for agreeing to the photoshoot. Such a nice way of expressing gratitude towards their teacher. Maybe a guest blog post by Gaja on her experiences with the kids, some other time.

This card brought back memories from my own birthday two years ago. Being a sucker for all things handmade, I had blatantly asked all my friends and their friends (!) to craft a greeting card for me. I even went one step further and demanded that it be sent by post. I was mighty surprised on my birthday when a parcel addressed to me arrived at my doorstep, complete with a fairytale-ish touch. To this day, it remains one of my favouritest-est gifts ever. In it is a bunch of handwritten birthday letters from my dear friends, all compiled into one big card titled ‘Walk Down The Memory Lane’. The amount of effort that went into its making, is what gets me every time. It was only much later that Gaja explained to me in detail how she and Kavya had taken turns to be with me (so I don’t suspect anything fishy) while the other would rush off to get everyone to draft a card on A4 sheets (final cards had to be of the same size, hence the pre-planning), again go back and collect the finished cards to assemble them all into one jumbo card, and finally figuring out my house address to send it by speed post, just like I’d desired. *drowns in nostalgia*
This ritual of giving handmade cards for birthdays continued for quite some time before we started to substitute cards with the person’s favourite foodstuff. As for me, I still prefer handmade cards, although a cupcake or two wouldn’t hurt.

The stencil footmark I was working on sometime back, turned out fine after the laser cutting. I was a little apprehensive that the size of the final footmark would be too small for spray painting, but it came out alright. A shout-out to Akash Kuttappa for equipping me with a majorly helpful life hack for when you don’t have Kannada or other regional fonts installed – blowing up the screen size on Google Translate, screenshotting it and directly creating outlines – converting the words into vector forms without the need to download those fonts. I cannot describe in words the frustration of visiting multiple question threads on StackExchange on how to fix weird-looking Kannada glyphs and this advice came to me like a blessing in disguise. Such a shame I wasn’t around in college when Akash started the Design Club.

Last month Kavya and I went to college to close our bank accounts. We both were shocked at the new building that has already risen to the height of the old PG block. It’s real sad to see the ground being reduced to a quarter of what it was earlier. Basketball ground was the place where we would sit chatting away with veg fried maggi in hand or Wai Wai noodles (such a feel-good factor when the owner of Wai Wai’s remembered me) accompanied by steaming hot mugs of coffee. The steps opposite Nescafe was the spot of last minute group studies, post exam discussions, card games, catching up after holidays and what not. Now there’s buildings everywhere you look. The only saving grace was the katte being intact. I hope they don’t decide to demolish that too, it’s been home to far too many beautiful stories to meet with such a sad fate. Kavya and I ate at the canteen (did I mention that it’s been renovated too?) that now has a bigger menu but at the cost of eating up the space allocated for Fine Arts Club. Sighness. P.S. I googled to check if sighness is an actual word, the search results had me ROFLing. Was reminded of Phoebe’s epic ‘Potato, potahto’ line from FRIENDS.

Newsflash: Sheekha’s getting married! She announced this when we met for Gaja’s birthday in October, cannot believe how fast time’s flying. Only few months ago we were having sleepovers at the drop of a hat and meeting at 6PM for momos and now our gang is losing one of its bachelorette? Somebody invent a time machine already!! On a serious note, we are all happy for her.

Manoj had dropped by MCC to collect his friend’s GoT book that I’d borrowed from him last year. You read that right: last year. We recollected the good old college days (do we ever tire of reminiscing them?), how much the ground has changed since we left and what we are up to presently. We parted wondering if there would be a reunion of all college folks. Maybe on the day of someone’s marriage, remarked Manoj. Adulthood has finally hit us like a ton of bricks and there’s just no escaping it (sighness, I mean… sinus).

The other day Nav and I were discussing the algorithm to find out if a number is prime or not, here’s the conversation that ensued:
Me: Given a number n, we divide it by all numbers from 2 to n/2 blah blahhh *straining my brain to recollect the algo*
Nav: But why only till n/2?
*suddenly rattles off *  2istheleastnumberamongallthenumbersgreaterthan1!! *rambling continues*
Me: What?!?
N: That was a lot of information… per unit time.
Me: What about 1.5? Isn’t that greater than 1?
N: We don’t have decimal primes.

Both mom and I laughed uncontrollably for the next ten minutes or so, wondering what Physics had done to our little genius. “Per unit time”, seriously? Next he’ll be saying kelvins and joules and watt not. Get the pun?


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