Rediscovered the joy of reading books with The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Ended up reading late into the night – sobbing and sniffing at 2AM – wondering how authors write such awfully poignant stories (and why they kill off the one character that’s just beginning to grow on you). Hadn’t read such a gripping tale in a really long time!

A few months back I remember how every weekend used to be a getaway and I’d catch up with my friends almost every Saturday and Sunday. Now the frequency of meets has reduced as everyone’s gotten busy with their lives, and the only way of being in touch is either through WhatsApp or an occasional phone call. Engineering feels like a bygone era that I can barely recall! Luckily last week Kavya, Sheekha, Gaja happened to be free so they came over and we realized that we hadn’t met each other in ages. If there’s one thing I’m grateful for, it’s how we pick up right where we left off. No awkwardness, no silence, just plain old comfortable conversations about everything under the sun. Laughing our worries away, offering a hand to hold when there’s a bump in the road, reassuring each other that everything’s going to turn out okay. Adulthood hasn’t got the better of us… yet. *mentally touches wood for good measure*

Stencil update: Turns out the stencil idea had to be dropped as the thickness of the letters itself posed a problem. Ever seen those gigantic graffiti artwork on buildings and pillars? Wondered why the stencils work just fine on them? Cos the letters/visuals are at least the size of a chair leg, large enough to accommodate the paint sprayed onto them, without flowing into their neighbors and ruining the entire artwork. When we tested the stencil on the road (uneven surface) with spray paint (for the intensity of the color), the paint had seeped through the spaces within the letters and those surrounding them (should have guessed – they are too tiny anyway), thus rendering the whole artwork unreadable. The painter we contacted then suggested that we consult an artist who could use the stencil as a template to paint the design by hand. He added that it was going to be a lot more time-consuming than spray painting. Maybe not the most efficient way to carry out the work if we were hard-pressed for time, but it fit well with our requirements so we went ahead to get the designs painted. Lesson #896: No matter how big the problem, there’s always a workaround, we’ve just got to keep looking.
Yay learnophilia! ♡


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