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Adios 2016

What an eventful year it has been!┬áHonestly don't know how days turned into weekends; twelve months went by in a flash. When I first started blogging, my only motive was to pen down daily events and maintain an online journal of memories. Now it's a part of my identity - 'Hey, I have a blog, … Continue reading Adios 2016


2016 is here!

The clock strikes 12. Firecrackers in the air. Screams of "Happy new year" everywhere. I'm sitting in my room looking up the best blogging platform. Ta-da! *cue drumroll* peppermintandpopsicles.wordpress.com is here! The day began with a visit to mom's sister's place to meet Sagarika and fam. My breathing barbie doll is back in India! My … Continue reading 2016 is here!