Pixels in distress

Foraying into the world of rasters and vectors comes with its own set of challenges. Did I mention about printing woes? How the bloody hell do you maintain the vibrancy after you scan an image and convert it into CMYK? How on earth do you prevent JPEGs from pixelating when you resize them? My brain is bombarded with a zillion HOWs like these that sometimes even stackexchange has no answers for. Must admit this whole process has been a great learning experience, every goof-up has made me pause and develop foresight rather than directly jumping to execution. My respect for self-taught designers has also increased a couple of notches. To digitize one simple illustration, I have to refer a minimum of 560 YouTube tutorials to achieve the desired outcome. Phe-yew.

Speaking of designers, did I mention I’d been to IISc for their design exhibition Ripples? It was a truly fantastic experience. They had showcased a wide range of helpful products that were so so beautifully thought of and worked upon, I was in awe throughout. There was unified method of payment using devices operated on NFC, a stretcher that also folds into a wheelchair for easy maneuver, a GPS connected bicycle map with LED lights that blink to indicate direction, a rocking chair for babies that moves both horizontally and vertically to name a few. Kalyani, Mahesh, Shravan, Roshni, Swathi, Manoj had also come to IISc and I got to meet a fellow BMSCEan Kiran, who is currently working on determining ground water levels with the aid of IoT (yes my jaw had dropped to the floor too). We spoke about the advancement in technology, artificial intelligence taking over every damn field and IoT being the next big thing. It was a great evening! Reinforced my belief that design is not just some fancy-schmancy word but a way of life.

Gaja, Sheekha, Kavya and Rosh have been coming over to help me out with my exam prep. I’ve put myself on house arrest you see. So so grateful to them for their assistance. Then there’s Mahesha, whose feedback sometimes leaves me in fits, but his motivational texts keep me going even when the going gets tough. Special thanks to Bernie too, for his insights on what can be improved and made better. I would be lost without suggestions and feedback from these wonderful people.

In my quest for design knowledge, I’ve missed out on a couple of things I normally wouldn’t have. A foodie gathering, festival celebration at a friend’s place, a family trip, visit to the brother’s award ceremony… I’ve lost count of it actually. Well, no pain no gain, right? I’m sure I’ll make it up for not attending any of these events. All in good time. Meanwhile, note to self: Must master Illustrator. YouTube tutorials, here I come!

P.S. One year short of quarter life crisis. How did I grow up so fast? Make it staaaahp!


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