Edison-esque mindframe

The last month has been super hectic, what with all the tests and preparation going on back to back. How do designers get ideas? Just HOW. This question continues to baffle me even now. Every time when I see a design that makes me go ‘wow’, the first thing that strikes me is the thought process behind it. Under what circumstances did the idea hit them? I’m amazed by the whole thinking involved. It’s just… mind-blowing! Ever since I decided to pursue design, I’m seeing it everywhere – in the tiles that tessellate, the logos that drive brands, super cool mechanisms that make interaction a lot more convenient, advertisements that communicate volumes in simple visuals, products that make the world a better place – the list is endless, really. Having always been enthralled by the wonderful world of Science and Art, looking up stuff like zero UI, flat design and skeuomorphism, IoT and home automation gets my pulse racing. It’s funny how the simplest ideas make the most beautifully crafted products. Which reminds me of the famous quote by Paul Rand, ‘Design is simple, that is why it is so complicated.’

Every feedback on my work so far has been very valuable, as I get new perspectives that I can work on for improvement. Having said that, I must confess it takes the wind out of my sails when I discover that hours of what I thought was productive effort amounting to nothing. Which is totally fine. What bothers me is getting back up on my feet with a new approach. I knew in my heart of hearts that design isn’t as fancy as it seems, it’s a lot of iterations, continuous adaptation to new requirements, accommodating changes, coming up with new ideas and the like. I hadn’t prepared for being engulfed in this darkness called lack of ideas. How do I wake up with a new thought process every day? There have been times when I’ve just stared at the monitor blankly for hours on end with no productive output. There have been moments when I’ve wanted to simply tear my hair out of sheer frustration, when nothing works and brain also bails out and I’m stuck in this long winding tunnel with no end in sight. But somehow, inexplicably, I pull my socks up and get going. Because it’s okay if I try and fail, but not okay if I fail to even try. Philosophical much? Yeah, I’ve become a sucker for motivational quotes of late. Whenever an idea of mine fails to materialize, I tell myself that it’s not really failure, it’s just one way of discovering how things  don’t work. *Thomas Edison vibes*
It’s frustrating at first, but when you really begin to enjoy what you do it’s such fun! Took me quite some time to realize that it’s not the end result I should be worried about, but the problem I’m trying to tackle. Finding joy in what I do gives me some kind of a solace I cannot explain in words.

Anyway, design stuff aside. Shirley, Rosh and I met at Kavya’s place a couple of days ago. We discussed everything from politics to marriage to higher studies and what not! I’m not the only one who thinks we’re growing up too fast. Whew! If only someone had designed a functional time machine…


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