Adios 2016

What an eventful year it has been! Honestly don’t know how days turned into weekends; twelve months went by in a flash.

When I first started blogging, my only motive was to pen down daily events and maintain an online journal of memories. Now it’s a part of my identity – ‘Hey, I have a blog, check it out and please give me feedback!’ and I’m loving it. Writing has always given me some sort of solace in times of turmoil (and otherwise). After all, as Anne Frank rightly said, paper has more patience than people.
P.S. I also enjoy typing super god damned fast.
P.P.S. Trying my best to type without looking at the keyboard to seem all awesome.

December 14th will remain etched in my memory as the best farewell in the history of mankind. The love and affection I’ve received from my colleagues is something I’ll cherish for a lifetime. They got me all misty-eyed (um, snotty-nosed as well) and soon my lacrymal glands went all out and emptied the tear reservoir in no time. Who would’ve thought that leaving could be this difficult and emotional? My last working day was filled with people giving me my favorite foodstuff as parting gifts. A delicious-looking drool-worthy cake that was least expected, a book, chocolates and a watch that I hadn’t ever seen coming and most importantly, a hand-made collage bearing messages from all of my colleagues, my manager and the MD. Whew. I was overwhelmed beyond belief. I will remain forever grateful for having met such a wonderful bunch of people.


Now the challenge ahead of me is so gigantic I’m not even sure I’ll make it through. All I know is that I have to brave the storm and keep going regardless of the pitfalls I may encounter along the way.

Grave news aside, here’s something about this month that made me smile – met Nayantara who’s come to India on vacation. Chaitra, Surabhi, Kavya, Gaja and I met in college to meet her and also to bid adieu to Aishwarya who will be leaving for the US soon. The number of people flying off to the US keeps increasing by the minute. We are growing up fast, there’s no denying it. Scary as hell.

There’s SO much I’ve learnt this year. So much to be thankful for.  New friendships forged, old ones rekindled, being a patient listener, toughening up, making some hard decisions, correcting goof-ups, enduring what I thought was near-impossible only to figure out there are bigger complexities ahead… the list goes on.

Heck, it’s the dawn of a new year already! Fifteen more minutes until the ‘6’ in 2016 is knocked off and replaced by a funky ‘7’. What is this gibberish I am uttering? *eyeroll*
Happy new year in advance, y’all! Here’s to plenty of hope and lots of happiness!


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