When life gives you lemons, squeeze them over pav bhaji

There was a health camp held in our office last month. Horror of horrors, we had to undergo a blood test. I was so not prepared for it. Hyndavi ended up crying, Sonia screamed in approximately 4 different intonations and I was hoping against hope I wouldn’t pass out. My hands had curled into a fist so tight I’m surprised my nails didn’t cut into my skin. As the syringe came closer I turned my face away from the gruesome scene that was about to unfold. It was over even before I could register the pain. Blood test was not such a nightmare after all. Yay me for enduring it!

Swathi, Poojitha, Gaja and I caught up after what seems like centuries. Gaja had us in fits with stories of her schoolkids. I’m truly amazed at how well she’s able to handle any kind of situation thrown at her. I asked her to describe her journey so far and all she said was ‘It’s hectic but worth it.’ Kudos to her never say die attitude. She’s sure to go places.

Nav is so busy nerding out that he’s forgotten all forms of normal human communication. The phone is on the table? It possesses potential energy. You’re able to walk? It’s because of friction. In fact I will not be shocked if some day he starts addressing me as Avogadro number of atoms. He had once asked me to check out his, and I quote, “optimized code for Vigenère cipher”. My jaw had dropped to the floor. When I was his age, all I used the computer for was to play Solitaire and Minesweeper. But here’s my brother, busy writing code that works like magic. Hence proved I’m born into the wrong family.

Last week we’d ordered food from Zomato. It’s a good thing that Meghana and I share whatever we order since there’s no way I could have finished one big bowl of noodles AND chicken alone. They were really yummy, by the way.

The previous Friday was a bandh, which was a huge plus for me, as I got to save nearly four and a half hours of commute time (and the accompanying exhaustion). Should I count travelling as a hobby if I spend nearly 90 hours a month “travelling” from home to office and back? On a serious note, this travelling has started to take a toll on me. I return home feeling all zombie-like and dead tired. If fatigue had a human form, it would be me. I kid you not. It’s distressing to note that the only workaround I have is shifting to a PG. I’m just not mentally prepared to pull off such a stunt, although I would love to cut down on travel time. Talk about real life deadlocks! *eye roll*

Rosh is back from her Manas Sarovar trip. I’m so glad I went to meet her, along with Gaja. Our meetings are becoming very infrequent these days. It’s a mandatory Friday ritual to post ‘What plans for the weekend’ on our WhatsApp group every week. I was beginning to worry that the posts will cease to flood my inbox and soon I’ll be left with only memories to reminisce. We are growing up, there’s no denying it. Our schedules do not allow us to meet up as often as we’d like to. We recently spoke about the whole ‘growing up’ thing. The fact that it’s inevitable and not under our control makes adulthood awful, yet we have resolved to keep meeting as much as we can. Even now, despite how busy we are, when I’m feeling down or need some pick-me-up, I just have to call one of them to feel better. Beats me how they always have the right things to say! So lucky to have known such wonderful people. Don’t know what I would do without them.

I spoke to Kishan on Wednesday, for the first time after he left for the US. It was nice knowing he’s settled down just fine, I updated him about what was happening in my life and we spoke for a while before I realized it was nearly midnight here and he had to rush for lunch. Ten and a half hours of difference in time does that to you. The conversation felt good nevertheless.

Since today was also a state-wide bandh, we bought cake and flowers for Vishaka’s farewell yesterday itself. Will miss her craziness and ‘pirated’ Kannada. Vishaka, if you ever read this, good luck and be sure to keep the madness alive!

P.S. Ignore the irrelevant blog post title. Working on my imagination.


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