Bippity boppity boo

Just when I was beginning to think art is woefully underrated, an unexpected incident sprang up to prove me wrong. A couple of days back, Arpita let us in on her newfound way to kill time when stuck in the chaotic Bangalore traffic. The secret of keeping her sanity intact? Calm Coloring aka Portable Relaxation. The next time you need something to calm your nerves, you know what to do.

Declare art as therapy already!

Newsflash: New concealment tactics unraveled.
The other day, Yogi hid Christy’s laptop bag in a drawer, locked it and hid the key in the neighboring drawer, placed the key of the second drawer on a diagonally opposite desk under a charger. It took Christy forever to get his bag back. Well-played, Yogi, well-played.

By the way, GUESS WHAT?
Mounika is back in town! Can’t believe it’s been a year already. Kavya, Rosh and I met her on Monday. Mou wanted to go shopping so shop we did. She hasn’t changed one bit. She’s the same old crazy motormouth that she was ever since we first met. We went to KFC for lunch, our conversation revolved mainly around how drastically life has changed after college. The usual round of reminiscing memories was followed by a healthy dose of leg-pulling and name-calling(how I’d missed it!). We spoke for god knows how long, all I remember is wishing the day never ended.


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