Dear Time, please pause for a while

Last month I broke my personal record of being stuck in traffic jam for the longest time. Would you believe it took me FOUR hours to reach office? Me neither. The junction near Rainbow Children’s Hospital witnessed such sloth-paced traffic that frustrated bike-riders parked their vehicles and started to walk towards their respective offices. I was sitting inside the bus hoping the earth would just open up and swallow me whole. <<insert grawlix>> When will Bangalore traffic cease to drive us up the wall?

I’d thought I was the only one with amnesia, but turns out my friends are no better. We all collectively forgot it was Sheekha’s birthday on July 30th. The day before her big day, I’d been to Gaja’s place, and we were casually discussing something when she suddenly asked if Sheekha’s birthday was over. Facebook confirmed our worst fears. It was the height of OH CRAP! moment. Gaja called up Sheekha’s sister Shresta and told her we’d be coming over the next day, which happened to be a statewide bundh. Could it get any more hopeless? No shops open = no cake. We were so doomed. Fortunately for us, Gaja’s dad came to our rescue; he bought a pastry the night before the bundh. With Roshni having left for Hyderabad and no transport for Kavya to join us for the celebration, it was just me and Gaja. Sheekha was still sleeping when we barged into her room screaming ‘Happy birthdaaaay!’ Shresta had made some real cute decorative artwork and hung on her bed. There were gems inside! I’ve told her to make something similar for my birthday as well. She’d also baked a (slightly burnt) cake that we ate rather reluctantly to appreciate her efforts.

Shrestie pie, wish I had a sister like you!
Cake or batter? “Mud pie” apparently.

Sheekha’s mom served us appam and stew for breakfast and chicken biryani with egg and potato fries for lunch, and we gobbled it all up like gluttons. Sheekha’s friend Rishitha came later and we spoke for a while before Sheekha dozed off. Too bad Rosh and Kavya missed the food and the fun.

I met Kishan again last Sunday, since the clock is already ticking and there was quite a lot to catch up on. I regretted not having been in touch with him for the nth time. Four years of not being in contact yet the conversation did not feel awkward at all.

On Thursday last week we went to Barbecue Nation from office. The grilled meat was so awesome! I lost count of the number of prawns I ate, they were simply too good. We’d ordered grilled meat for starters, had chicken biryani for main course and some grilled chicken with chicken sausage from the live kitchen. We took the mojito for beverage and for desserts we had pretty much everything- rasmalai, paan-flavored kulfi, gulab jamoon, jalebi, mango cheesecake, malai kulfi, vanilla and mango ice cream and what not. The vegetarians had grass (er… lettuce), salads, paneer, grilled tomatoes and more grass. If only I could eat those prawns every day for the rest of my life! *drooling at the very thought of it*

Met Kishan for one last time yesterday. We went to Social Offline for lunch (the only other pub I’ve been to is Soho, back when I was in college). We spoke about his shoe fetish, Coldplay and teletubbies amongst other things. I don’t recall what else we talked about, but it felt good. I wished him luck and we parted ways. Seems like just yesterday we were eating vada pav at Goli and talking away to glory. Sigh. Time really does fly.


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