Ooh la la mandala!

Ever since Gaja returned from Pune, we haven’t been able to meet her since our schedules have screwed up majorly. Rosh and Kavya had come over on the Sunday following Gaja’s arrival. After our usual rambling, we decided to stop for chaats at Loafers’ Street (before you roll your eyes, YES, that’s what we call my locality cos… you know, people loaf around all the time) and ended up discovering two new food joints that I didn’t even know existed in my area! We went to this place called Bread & Circus, had their lip-smacking nachos with cheesy dip and plain salted fries. Rest assured that I’ll visit them again faster than you can say ‘yum’. My next go-to destination is a momos stall that’s right outside a supermarket I frequent on a monthly basis. I can’t believe I failed to notice a MOMOS STAND in MY street! *head hung in shame* Needless to say, the momos were uber awesome. It brought back memories of the times when we would catch up just to eat momos (our insatiable craving for all things food continue to rule our lives). We should rename our ‘meeting’ to ‘eating’. Period.

My doodle obsession has gotten so intense, I resort to making mandalas whenever I have time to spare. Here’s a new one I made recently:

Art should be declared a form of therapy!

Speaking about art, here’s a matchbox comic that Christy gave me the other day. It’s made by his sister. What talent I say!

Last Sunday I attended the YFS Orientation and man, was it worth it! This is what I like to call ‘Sunday morning well-spent’. We were such a diverse group of people gathered there, it felt like I’d landed in the right place. When asked what principles Youth For Seva stands for, one lady said that we usually go with the notion that we give something to people, which is wrong. We volunteer to take something, to learn something and to find happiness in what we learn. She added that compassion must come from within. One of the slides in the PPT asked us what were the major blockers that prevented us from volunteering. While many noted priorities, lack of time, no motivation etc. as the causes, one girl confidently said, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’ To which the speaker replied, ‘On a lighter note, there is a version of Murphy’s Law which says, where there is a bill there is a pay.’ The whole audience cracked up on hearing this. It truly boils down to priorities. If we value something enough, we will make time for it, regardless of our so-called busy schedule. Tried and tested. All along, the only question that plagued my mind was, why the hell didn’t I register earlier? Can’t wait to get started! Better late than never.


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