‘Life happens.’

On the evening of Ramzan, Chethan called Roshni, Kavya and I to meet up at Russell Market for the streetside food fest. We happened to bump into Akash and Kavya Reddy from college too. The stalls had a myriad varieties of meat including chicken, beef, mutton and camel to name a few. We had the sheek kabab which was minced chicken grilled on coal, slow-cooked chicken haleem which honestly tasted like a lump of goo and a type of sweet made from rice known as phirni. Chethan had been craving mutton biryani since forever so we went to a restaurant and ate to our hearts’ content. It was the juiciest, tender-most mutton I’ve ever had in all my years of existence.

On the Sunday following Ramzan, we had a family get together at Dodballapur as Sagarika and fam are back from Ghana on vacation. Dhruva remains the hyperactive kid that he is, but Saga has lost even more weight than before. I miss the old chubby breathing Barbie doll that she was.

Last week it was raining snacks in office! Nearly everyone who had returned from home had got home-made foodstuff and we wholeheartedly attacked them all. Basha had got murukulu, Shruti had brought grape jalebi along with jackfruit chips and chakli, Tabassum gave us moti choor ladoo, Bhavya treated us to the very famous Kerala banana chips. We should probably host a food fest once in a while.

Gaja returned from Pune last Friday and she came home for a surprise visit. Her voice had completely deteriorated and she was barely able to talk. It felt good to see her finally being happy doing what she loves.

Yesterday I met Kishan as it had been ages since we had caught up with each other; he’s leaving for the US next month. He spoke SO much, it was hard to believe it’s the same Kishan I knew when I was in college. It was usually the other way round – I was the motormouth and he was the terrific listener. This time the roles had reversed. I listened with rapt attention all that he had to say. It felt more like a career counselling session! I only wish we’d kept in touch earlier, but I needn’t have worried cos we picked up right where we left off – no awkward pauses or uncomfortable silences. Before leaving, he asked me if I knew he could talk so much. Without batting an eyelid, I replied in the negative. Then came the unforgettable pearls of wisdom from him, that instantaneously made me go WOW – ‘Things change. Life happens.’


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