Ba dum tss

Graduation ceremony finally happened after a year… and I’m officially an engineer now! Woohoo! Chinmayee is back in India on vacation. Just when the all too familiar guilt pangs of not meeting her threatened to overwhelm me, graduation day came as a blessing in disguise. Mom had come to witness the magical moment of me being conferred with the degree. The chief guest was Padma Bhushan awardee Dr. Vasudev Aatre. Most of our friends had turned up, except for the ones pursuing higher studies abroad. I was amazed that Lohith sir still remembers me! The food they’d arranged for us was real good. We didn’t get to click as many pictures as I’d hoped to, as we were too busy catching up with long-lost buddies. Talk about feel-good factors!

Last Saturday Kavya, Shirley, Rosh and I met Chethan at MG Road for his post-birthday celebration. We had street food after what seemed like eons. As always we came up with an impromptu movie plan. We shortlisted four movies and Karva seemed most feasible in terms of both distance and show timings. Chethan had already watched the movie and couldn’t stop raving about it. On reading the review, I discovered to my astonishment that the genre was horror! When questioned, Chethan asked me not to worry as it was “just a thriller”. I was not convinced. The tickets had already been bought; there was no going back. If I have to die watching a “thriller”, so be it. Forty minutes into the movie, my worst fear came true. The character opens an ancient, rather haunted-looking book and the tumblers begin to fall, the lights go out… don’t ask me what happened next because I had my eyes closed for the remainder of the movie. At some point I heard Kavya and Shirley laughing and making fun of how comical (!) the ghost appeared to be while I was trying super hard not to curl into a ball and die. Why are people sent to prison? They should be made to watch horror movies instead. That’s enough punishment to last five lifetimes.

My memory loss has gotten so bad, it’s like amnesia on steroids (I’m not surprised; Alzheimer’s runs in the fam). I somehow managed to remember it was Kishan’s birthday on Sunday. We spoke at length about how my brother’s geekiness continues to intensify and the way in which our college ground has been destroyed beyond recognition. The conversation was so natural, it didn’t even feel like we hadn’t kept in touch the past few months.

On Sunday evening though, we were in for a shock. Guna, my school friend, wanted to meet us to break the news of her engagement. Anu, Suha and I met at Truffles to find out the deets. After the usual ‘How did it happen?’, ‘What’s he doing?’, ‘Are you even ready yet?’ questions, we proceeded to eat. We had ordered fiery potato, tandoori chicken burger, frozen hazelnut and ferrero rocher milkshakes. The fact that our best friend was soon getting engaged was yet to sink in. After we were done eating, Guna walked a little away from us and said ‘Don’t hit me now, but whatever I’ve told you until now is a lie, it was just an excuse to get us all to meet.’ At that very instant around 8540 expletives flew to my mouth and both Anu and Suha joined me in cursing Guna till we ran out of words. We were half-relieved that she was not getting engaged after all and half-enraged that she chose such a dangerous lie to trick us into meeting her. We spoke for a long time after that, filling each other in on our lives. We’ve vowed to meet again before someone in the group actually gets engaged. Fingers crossed.

In other news, check out my mandala and first attempt at typography:

Zendoodle progressed to mandala. Woot woot!
Youtube, I owe you big time!

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