Of meefoon noodles and zentangle doodles

May 16, 3 o’clock.

Excited and apprehensive in equal proportions. I hit refresh for the umpteenth time. Server’s crashed. Waiting with bated breath for the big reveal. After what seemed like two and a half decades, the page began loading. Couldn’t believe my eyes! Looking at the result screen, I was overcome with pride. What kind of a score is 618 on 625?! Called up the little brother to congratulate him on his insane score. Beating my meager 598/625 was a cakewalk for him. All the while I was grinning from ear to ear like a chimpanzee. I only stopped when my cheek muscles started to hurt. The image of his results was swarming in my head for a long long time. Hundred on hundred in math, w-o-o-o-w! I’d have been surprised  if he’d got any lesser than that, but a hundred in social too?! Imagine this coming from a person who “just wanted to scrape through in the subject he doesn’t like very much”! This sweet victory called for a celebration. I bought a gelatin-chocolate mousse cake on the way back home with a message that read ‘Nerd alert!’. Mom and dad were over the moon. While the entire family was gushing over the news, Nav appeared grounded and calm, with an ‘it-ain’t-no-big-deal’ expression. Shweta, our neighbor and Desserted café owner (enough said) ,sent us a cake too. Both cakes were heavenly!

We went out for dinner. The restaurant of our choice had shut down so we ended up in Chungs. Nav and I ordered chicken manchow soup, fish manchurian and chicken fried rice while mom and dad ate veg meefoon (ultra thin noodles), gobi manchurian and veg Shanghai rice (noodles and rice). It sure was some meal!

I don’t know what possessed me the next day, I read around a hundred pages of GoT at a stretch. The Kindle is super sensitive to touch. In the initial phase of reading I would constantly compare the feel of a book in my hands versus that of Kindle. As the reading progressed, I realized that the medium is immaterial, although I must confess I miss using bookmarks. If mom shouted at me from the kitchen I would use anything within my reach to mark the page I was reading and rush to answer her. These bookmarks ranged from pen caps to phone chargers, other random stationery to torn pieces of paper. I hope to complete this book in a month’s time. Such a fantastic plot, I just don’t want to put it down! If only a day had 48 hours… wishful thinking, I know.

You’re probably bored to death reading my rants of woe about Bangalore traffic. It never ends. Last Wednesday, when I was waiting for the shuttle to arrive, Rishi happened to stop by and dropped me in his car (bless him!). I’d missed the first shuttle owing to a five-minute delay. Aaaargh! Tin factory should be wiped off the face of the earth. Period.

Fortunately for me last weekend was not as hectic as the one before. On Saturday Dodamma had called us over for lunch. Dhruva was clad in a minion outfit, complete with gloves. His usual Haddi mera buddy stories kept me enthralled throughout the day. His energy is so contagious! He will grow up to be a terrific orator, no doubt about it.

I have developed a newfound obsession for doodling zentangles. It is a great stress buster, especially if you’ve had a nasty ride in the traffic. Can’t get enough of it!

Youtube tutorials, I love thee!


My very first zendoodle

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