Zombiefication Take Two

Last year on May 2nd, we had celebrated Gaja’s “fake” birthday in college. Fake birthdate refers to the one that is mentioned in school and college records. Not only had Gaja created a WhatsApp group for “planning the b’day surprise”, she’d also instructed us to get two food items each as a gift. Go ahead and laugh all you want. For about a week she was running from person to person, handing out tiny post-it sized cards on which we were to scribble a birthday message. These cards were later rolled and tied with a ribbon to go inside a bottle. This was surprise number one. The second so-called surprise was a birthday hamper, which was a big basket full of the foodstuff each of us had got for her. Gaja was responsible for calling everyone to the venue and feigning surprise when we gave her the hamper. It was pretty funny actually. But you know what? It was a grand success. Our juniors had also turned up. No one’s original birthday was celebrated with as much gusto. This flashback took me back in time to when every day in college was nothing short of a celebration!

Of late Navaneeth has been geeking out on functions and limits and derivatives and integrals and who knows what else. So instead of telling me that we were running out of bandwidth, he said ‘We’ve used a staggering 7GB of data in 3 days, which is twice more than the usual! If I plot a graph for the function with usage on the y-axis and days on the x-axis, the slope will be two!’ I was dumbstruck and began wondering if I was born into the wrong family. How could we be of the same blood yet so poles apart??

I’ve been trying to learn solving the Rubik’s cube from Nav. For the last step there are certain algorithms that have to be memorized. For now I can finish one face completely and two layers of four other faces. Watching my brother solve it effortlessly is so mesmerizing. Waiting for the day when I can solve it at supersonic speed, just like he does.

It was Bernard’s wedding anniversary on May 5th. He wanted to leave early but Ligi was gesturing at us to stop him. How do we do that without making it obvious? Some of our teammates had hidden his laptop bag to hold him back till Basha returned with the gift. We called Bernie  for coffee, by then it was so evident that there was something cooking. Before we could embarrass ourselves further, Basha came back with the gift and we all lived happily ever after. Kidding. Although the surprise was not how we had pictured it to be, it wasn’t so bad.

The next day was Praveen’s birthday. I was totally unaware of it until Kavya wished him on our WhatsApp  group. Still haven’t gotten around to calling him. The one time when I called him on Skype, he was busy. Maybe the starts haven’t aligned yet.

On the Friday after his anniversary, Bernie treated us to a scrumptious lunch. We had ordered from Thalassery biryani and man, was it awesome! That evening the clouds showed no mercy as it started to pour heavily. Our usual shuttle driver had bailed out so we had no other option but to take an auto to the bus stand. Yogendra, Christy, Kevin, Arindam and I were waiting outside our office, hoping that some auto would miraculously appear out of thin air. After a painstakingly long wait we caught one and the driver agreed to accommodate all five of us. Arindam sat next to the driver, in case you’re wondering. The rest of us crammed into the backseat. All along my only worry was if I would reach home before nine. The traffic confirmed my worst nightmare. I was stuck for a long long time and ended up reaching home at 8PM. That’s three hours of Bangalore traffic in the rain, ladies and gentlemen.

Guess my amnesia is back for good. I forgot Nayantara’s birthday too! The only saving grace was that I wished her before it was 12 midnight at her place. Gotta thank the time zones; for once they have proved their worth.

I had thought my daily commute was miserable but when I met Sathish from our office, I knew mine was nothing to rant about. He uses five means of transport every single day. Not four, FIVE. Let that sink in. One shuttle, two buses, an auto till the metro,  metro ride, and finally walk towards home. If I were to follow in his footsteps I would probably need one more mode of transport – an ambulance.

The past week has been seriously hectic. Hectic with a capital H. Every time when we decide to go on a team outing, something or the other kept cropping up. We had lost all hopes until Basha took the initiative of organizing it. We decided to go on Friday. Destination Club Cabana. FINALLY! It was happening. We reached a little before 9AM. The bus journey was fun! The driver played some killer music and naturally everyone got their groove on. If I didn’t have two left feet I would’ve joined them too. After finishing breakfast we went straight to the ground and split into two teams to play cricket. I met Aditya from our college. Both Meghana and I felt he seemed like a familiar face and when he finally spoke to us we discovered he was Gaja’s classmate. It’s such a nice feeling to bump into college mates outside of college. He and his friends cheered for our cricket matches. It was crazy as hell. Next up on the list was volleyball, which was equally insane. Our opponent team was outnumbered. Not that it mattered, as only two or three actually played as the rest looked on. Thanks to Meghana’s uber awesome serves and Basha, Siva and Christy’s kickass defence we were able to win. Later we headed to the badminton arena where it was super duper hot. We played till it was time to eat. Most of us were half-dead already. We had a photo session before heading for lunch. Yogendra clicked a panorama picture of all of us which turned out to be amazing. The food was okayish. After lunch we went straight to the wave pool. There was not a single person who wasn’t flung into the water. It was too much fun. Occasionally one of us would get muscle cramps and sit out on the ledge till we became alright. We tried the water rides next, which involved a good amount of upturning lifeguard tubes after landing in water. The last water game we went to was the much-needed lazy river. Need I say more?

We were out of the water by 4ish in the evening. My head was pounding. Legs were beginning to give out. Meghana and I slept on the reclining bed for a while. Had I not been woken up for high tea, I’d have lost track of time and slept soundly. We left around 5PM. I was completely drained of energy and had officially earned the ‘zombie’ tag. The bus journey back was as much fun as the morning one. Some slept while a few shook a leg. Before I knew it, the day ended and I was back home. Can’t move a single muscle as I’m typing this, but it sure as hell was one memorable trip! Totally worth the zombiefication.


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