Last week was a total blur

I am pleased to announce that I have finally overcome my memory loss; I remembered three birthdays in a row! Woot woot! It was the little brother’s birthday on the 21st of last month. Since birthday cakes are so clichéd, I thought of surprising him with his favoritest-est food: pizza. Placed a home delivery order from office, filled mom in on the plan, the surprise was perfectly timed as Nav was yet to have lunch. Somehow it didn’t feel adequate, considering this was a cake-free birthday. So while heading back home I grabbed a chicken bucket from KFC which I was sure Nav would love more than a cake. My prediction turned out to be true after all. He enjoyed it wholeheartedly. What gift did he want? A 4 x 4 Rubik’s cube! Try not to roll your eyes.
The alternative was a MacBook Pro OR MacBook Air. I’m not sure if it was an AND or an OR. Either way, I don’t want to find out. I only have so many kidneys to sell.

The cab uncle was on leave the next day so I had to go by walk from the bus stop. After walking for some time I realized it would take forever to get to office in that scorching weather. Found one auto driver who was to go my way, but only till the dead end, which was about 50m from where I was standing. So I didn’t want to go. He insisted that he would drop me till there and after much persuasion I gave in. True to his word, he dropped me where he was supposed to, without even asking for the fare! Faith in humanity restored.

Since we couldn’t do a pre-birthday for Kavya we met up on Saturday to gear up for the post-birthday celebrations. Gaja, Swathi and Rosh had come over in the evening and after 5640 rounds of ‘That looks so tricky’, ‘We don’t have the required art supplies’, ‘Stop being so fickle and choose one’ and what not, we decided to do a simple waterfall greeting card. Gaja made a dummy card that served as a template for the real one. Rosh helped her with the dimensions. Swathi and I were in charge of gathering photos for the card. It turned out so beautiful in the end.

Card in the making

The plan was for Sheekha to go shopping with Kavya on Sunday and we surprise her in MG Road/ Brigade Road. We ended up executing the plan in Church Street! Swathi, Shirley, Sheekha, Chethan, Gaja, Rosh and I hid behind a rather small garage in some crossroad, while Sheekha led Kavya to us. This again was a cake-free birthday. We had arranged chocopies and cupcakes alternately in the shape of a ‘K’. Needless to say, it was over in no time. Chethan and Swathi left from there and the rest of us went to Kavya’s house. Spoke like we hadn’t seen each other in years. Talk about feel-good factors!

Another cake-free birthday

Like I said, last week was a blur. I do remember the weekend though.
Gaja and I went as volunteers to teach arts and crafts to kids from an orphanage. I had truck loads of work at home yet I felt at peace with myself when we were there. We taught them painting with lady’s fingers. Gaja taught them how to make origami caps and Nisha (fellow volunteer) showed them how to spray paint on them using a toothbrush. There was a lot more on the agenda but we were running short of time so we had to stop at that. The kids were full of life. Unadulterated happiness in all its glory. What did we learn, you ask? How to smile for the camera. We normally say ‘cheese’, but these little ones are a cut above the rest. When I took my phone out to click a picture, they all went ‘A, B, C, D, EEEEEEE! ChapatEEEEEE!’

Meet the little artists!

After the photo session we all gathered below a tree and the other kids who had opted to learn skit enacted it in turns. One group spoke about saving water, yet another advocated not to be greedy, one more showed us to treat everyone as equals. It was one amazing experience. If only all my weekends were like this. Gaja and I were ravenous by the time the summer camp was over, so we went to IISc and invited Rosh to join us as well. We spoke for I don’t know how long. Here’s to more such Sundays!


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