Month: May 2016

Of meefoon noodles and zentangle doodles

May 16, 3 o'clock. Excited and apprehensive in equal proportions. I hit refresh for the umpteenth time. Server's crashed. Waiting with bated breath for the big reveal. After what seemed like two and a half decades, the page began loading. Couldn't believe my eyes! Looking at the result screen, I was overcome with pride. What kind of a … Continue reading Of meefoon noodles and zentangle doodles


Zombiefication Take Two

Last year on May 2nd, we had celebrated Gaja's "fake" birthday in college. Fake birthdate refers to the one that is mentioned in school and college records. Not only had Gaja created a WhatsApp group for "planning the b'day surprise", she'd also instructed us to get two food items each as a gift. Go ahead and laugh … Continue reading Zombiefication Take Two

Last week was a total blur

I am pleased to announce that I have finally overcome my memory loss; I remembered three birthdays in a row! Woot woot! It was the little brother's birthday on the 21st of last month. Since birthday cakes are so clichéd, I thought of surprising him with his favoritest-est food: pizza. Placed a home delivery order from office, filled … Continue reading Last week was a total blur