“We don’t own the next second; the next second owns us.”

The Monday after our trek was awful. I could barely move my feet. Limbs had lost all power of locomotion and I was dead exhausted. I checked with the other girls and most of them were working from home too (duh!). Contrary to my expectations, mom did not blast me when she discovered the “night” aspect of our trek. I narrated the entire experience at length to her, she just nodded like she knew all along what her daughter was up to. How I wish I were also equipped with such uber awesome psychic abilities! I still cannot believe that we actually made it back in one piece! Touch wood.

Fortunately the next day I had regained some sense of movement and managed to go to office. Side note: My sleep deprivation has hit an all-time high. Still figuring out ways to combat it. What is it with Bangalore weather these days? Are we living in the equatorial region or what? Phew. By the time I reach office I’ll be drenched in sweat. Damn you, summer.

On Wednesday we got to know that a cricket match is going to be held soon. Everyone was excited and set about suggesting names for their respective teams. “Kadubeesanahalli Kattappas” was the best. Anjali and I have decided to be spectators. In other news, Bernard gave me his Kindle! Still getting the hang of it. The first book had an abrupt ending that made me go ‘What the hell man? Who ends a book like that?’ Just can’t wait to resume reading GoT! The suspense is too cruel to bear. Oh George Martin, your books make my insomnia worse by the minute.

Kerala mess round two happened on Thursday, this time with Christy, Bernie and Meghana. Meghana was on a no non-veg fast and luckily for her only veg was being served that day as it was Vishu. Eating that jaggery-like sweet took me back in time to when I ate it at Gopika’s place during Onam. I happened to reveal to Sonia that I have never watched Shaktimaan throughout my childhood, immediately earning the tag of ‘not being a cool kid’. To my horror, she asked almost everyone in our team if they’d watched Shaktimaan and they all replied in the affirmative. When I told her I used to watch Teletubbies instead, she laughed on my face and continued teasing me for being “uncool”. Hey, Teletubbies was supercool okay? I would complete my kindergarten homework while watching that cartoon!

Time seems to be on a roll these days.
*inhale* Monday      *exhale * Friday already??!

Dodamma and Dhruva came home on Saturday noon. Dhruva had got his kiddo tent to sleep in. His stories kept me entertained for the rest of the day. He wanted to put a collar around Daboo so he made a rolled up paper collar and started going after the poor pooch. In turn I had to run after Dhruva. Daboo being the lazy ass dog that she is, did not pay heed to Dhruva in the slightest. It was too much fun watching the two of them. Such cartoon characters.

It was Mahesh’s birthday on Sunday and I remembered to wish him!! Woohoo!
Amnesia – 0
Me – 1

Gaja and I met Sumanth in the evening at Sairam’s. Tasted tender coconut ice cream at Natural Ice Cream for the very first time. It was not as oh-so-fab as I’d imagined it to be, nevertheless it did taste quite good.

Before I end this post, let me rant about my ongoing woes: Traffic is so.bloody.nerve-wracking! A five minute delay in leaving office results in reaching home half an hour late. I repeat, HALF A GODDAMN HOUR! By the time I am back, I will be drained of all energy and all I’ll want to do is sleep. The only saving grace yesterday was bumping into Shalini Satish in the bus. We were classmates in PUC and it felt like it had been eons since we last saw each other. Felt so good. Welcome change from the chaotic traffic. If only every bus journey was this eventful.

P.S. This blog post title is Kavya’s famous dialogue from our college days, which still rings true.
P.P.S. I wished her on her birthday. Booyah.


2 thoughts on ““We don’t own the next second; the next second owns us.”

  1. P.P.S. I wished her on her birthday. Booyah.

    If you would have forgotten also I would have still called you and reminded you. (or probably screwed you first and then asked u to wish me:P)


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