Another week gone by

Bus journeys are not so monotonous anymore. It has turned out to be my slumber time. I usually set an alarm and wake up two or three stops prior to my destination. Totes win-win. Tuesday had other plans for me. I met Aprameya in the bus, we got talking. Apparently he stayed back in college till 11:45pm on the last day of Utsav. He also confirmed that our college is indeed constructing a new building on the football ground. I was dumbstruck. Our ground was witness to some of the most nail-biting football matches, basketball tournaments and tennis games. It had sometimes doubled up as parking lot too. Such fond memories! It was disappointing to hear that this year was the last time Utsav would be held in our ground. I sure am glad we graduated when the ground was still intact.

Three new people from our college have joined as interns. One of them, Praveen, started redoing the 1000 piece puzzle from scratch. Such amazing progress in just one day. When asked how he managed to do it, he said he began by hunting down the edge pieces and assembling them. Downright WOWness. We had started by putting together similar colored pieces. His strategy was much more sensible and more productive, wish I’d clicked a picture of it.

Rishi had got his dog Dolly to office on Thursday. She’s such a cutie! Didn’t stay still for even a second. If only she could come to office every day!

During coffee break we discovered to our amusement most people hadn’t locked their laptops. So we went about sending prank mails from their systems. While Christy was at it, Anjali took his laptop (bet he hadn’t seen that coming) and Banu sent a mail, before Christy could even begin to chase us! It was so damn funny, we had all doubled up with uncontrollable laughter.

On Friday we all went to Dodballapur for Ugadi. My little Mr. Prince Charming Dhruva kept me on my toes the entire day. I don’t know from where he gets so much energy! He spotted an electro magnetic set on the shelf and immediately got to work. He began describing how electromagnetism works (he’s just eleven, by the way). He wanted to make a solenoid, but on finding the battery gone he lost interest. I had to keep him from destroying Suhas’s toys so I asked him to draw me all the sea creatures he could think of. He’s a real artist. Once he starts drawing, he completes it without lifting his pencil from the paper. It is fascinating to watch him draw. After lunch Sushmitha and I got him to narrate cartoon stories for us. The whole afternoon was spent laughing at the cycle adventures of Gullu and Lallu. This boy will definitely grow up to be deadly, mark my words.


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