“Stay hungry, die foolish!”

Thanks to Women’s Day my Facebook newsfeed was bombarded with Bhawana Kanth posts. It caught my attention because she was my college senior. She is now one of the first three women fighter pilots in India. As I read post after post, I was filled with a sense of awe. Every story I read spoke about how it had always been her dream to become a fighter pilot. Talk about following your heart. More power to her.

Navaneeth had his Farewell ceremony on 12th, and not surprisingly he informed us only the night before the function. Who does that? My brother of course. Mom had to scout around dad’s cupboard to find a suit that would fit him. We couldn’t buy him a new one at such (ultra) short notice. To our great astonishment it was just a tad too loose at the sleeves (to me it appeared as though we had clothed a hanger, haha) but overall it fit him fine. Oh and the shoes were borrowed from dad too. Perfect fit.

Our dodamma (mom’s elder sister) had also come that day, with a big dabba full of pav bhaji masala. Never has she visited us empty-handed. Ever. I was transported to food heaven at the mere sight of it, so I immediately went and bought five (or was it six?) packs of pav. Gluttony, you say? What’s that?

Gaja, Rosh and Sheekha came home that evening and as always we made an impromptu sleepover plan. Actually, all credit to mommy dearest. She suggested that it was already late and they’d better stay the night at our place. Sheekha was really sick and had forgotten her medicines so she had to leave. So it was just the three of us. Around 12 midnight I remembered there was some pav bhaji left. We sneaked into the kitchen, heated some pav and microwaved the bhaji, chopped some onions real quick and squeezed some lemon, in total Masterchef style. After devouring it like hungry pigs, we stayed up talking till 4AM! So nocturnal, even owls would be jealous. We were discussing latest movie releases and watching trailers when Gaja hit upon the idea of watching ‘Simple agi inond love story’. The reviews were good. So we spammed all possible groups on whatsapp in the wee hours of the morning, inviting everyone we knew. ‘More the merrier’ has always been our motto. On Sunday morning we woke up to a text message deluge. ‘Which theater? ‘ ‘What time?’ ‘Count me in!’ We were twelve of us in total. After breakfast (brunch actually), Rosh and Gaja left my place to purchase tickets and went to the theater directly. We were joined by Sheekha, Kavya, Chethan, Shirley, Sumanth, Shravan, Poojitha, Mahesh and his friend Anup. Contrary to our expectations, the movie turned out to be drab. Flop show would be a gross understatement. We were all left wondering which fool gave it a review of 4.5 on 5. After the interval all we wanted to do was leave. We laughed more at our own jokes than the ones we heard on screen, no kidding. It was such a relief when the movie ended, but it was great catching up with the folks! We decided to head to our favorite go-to place (IISc). On the way my gut instincts told me that a flat tire was on its way. I’ve had terrible experiences that I would rather not talk about. Didn’t want to risk it, so went back home while the others carried on. All in all, it was a terrible movie, but a terrific day.

Sonia is on leave so lunch breaks are eerily quiet without her around. Coffee breaks are filled with awkward silences. She reminds me so much of Rosh and Gaja. Leave her in a room with hundred people and the next thing you know, she would have made friends with all of them. The last time I’d encountered such infectious energy was at Utsav in our college. Speaking of which, HAVE you seen the promo video for this year’s fest? It’s so bloody.god.damned.good. I’m not exaggerating. Check it out already!

Christy, Kevin, Meghana and I went to Kerala mess for lunch last week. The prawns were so *drool* yum! Wish everyone had come along. It is on such occasions that I miss Madiwala so much. Every imaginable restaurant was a stone’s throw from our office. Guess the new office calls for a geographical exploration.

It was dad’s birthday on 19th, I’d got this really flavorsome triple layered cake. My memory loss has aggravated to a great extent. I absentmindedly asked for the message to read “Happy birthday Amma”. Fortunately I corrected the error before it was too late. What’s becoming of me? Anyway, glad that Nav and I were able to execute the surprise successfully.

Hardly a fortnight left for brother’s exams. Nav asked me for tips on time management. He’s freaking out at the rate of 120 What Ifs per second. ‘What if I run out of time? What if I make a mistake and get stuck forever? What if I write the wrong registration number in my answer sheet? What if I forget an answer?’ Phew, such pessimism! So the entire family set about making him relax and calm his nerves.

My horrendous commute become a little less exhausting thanks to the new route I’m taking since Monday. The duration remains the same though. The only way I can reach within two hours is if I teleport myself home. But hey, who would say no to going by one bus instead of two?

The thousand piece puzzle was finally completed on Tuesday. Ta-da!


Four pieces were missing, but would you look at that beauty!
I did the honors of piecing together the last few parts of the puzzle.

*victory song in the background*

Gaja had called me yesterday after so long and as usual our conversation had me in fits.
Gaja: That’s divine justice! As you sow, so shall you reap.
Me: What if you have no clue about farming?
G: Stay hungry, die foolish.


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