Hotel Echo Lima Lima Oscar!

Bet you were intrigued by the title. Well, that’s NATO phonetic alphabet for “Hello”. I recollect how Prasad used this on me and I thought he’d lost his sanity. Speaking of reminiscing, here’s a little poem I wrote back when I could rhyme.


They had met on a winter evening
She was running late
He looked up, big brown eyes, blinking
She knew she’d found a soulmate

He followed her everywhere
To the train station too
It was a daily ritual
That everybody knew

She taught him to play fetch
He didn’t quite get it
Until one day he ran up to her
With the ball between his teeth

She was delighted
He nudged at her to throw the ball again
His joy was infectious
She was only too happy to relent

He was her world
She was his everything
They were inseparable
Love had found a new meaning

The whole town knew
Of their famous bond
If she came to the train station
He was sure to trudge along

The routine continued
Until one day she did not return
He waited and waited
From dusk to dawn

He continued to wait
Even after her death
Faithful he remained
Until his last breath


Inspired by the movie Hachi: A dog’s tale.  So poignant and moving! It’s a real life story based on a dog named Hachiko, that remained loyal to its master even after his death.


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