Month: March 2016

“Stay hungry, die foolish!”

Thanks to Women's Day my Facebook newsfeed was bombarded with Bhawana Kanth posts. It caught my attention because she was my college senior. She is now one of the first three women fighter pilots in India. As I read post after post, I was filled with a sense of awe. Every story I read spoke about how it had always … Continue reading “Stay hungry, die foolish!”


Hotel Echo Lima Lima Oscar!

Bet you were intrigued by the title. Well, that's NATO phonetic alphabet for "Hello". I recollect how Prasad used this on me and I thought he'd lost his sanity. Speaking of reminiscing, here's a little poem I wrote back when I could rhyme. <flashback> They had met on a winter evening She was running late He looked up, big … Continue reading Hotel Echo Lima Lima Oscar!