Absolute zombiefication

Every single day, I wake up groggy-eyed, wanting nothing more than to go back to
sleep. I’m just not cut out for this early bird thing, you know? I’ll have to get
accustomed to this new sleep cycle as our new office happens to be located in an
awfully far off remote village-ish locality. Humph. But I have to admit that our
new office is the bomb! The cafeteria is a dainty place with chairs bearing colors
of our office logo. The commute eats up nearly four hours of my day, so I plan on
utilizing it for some self-introspection and meditation. Just kidding. I could
write a novel about the travel! That rhymes, by the way. What am I saying? The bus
journeys seem to have gone screwing with my head. That’s right. Welcome to the
world of zombiefication (read sleep-deprivation).

It was Swathi and Apoorva’s birthday on 3rd and as usual, I forgot to wish them. I
called them both up and wished around 8PM. Mark Zuckerberg, I owe you one. In other
news, I have vowed to keep track of birthdays without the aid of Facebook.

On 8th it was my parents’ twenty-fifth anniversary. I had taken an off, but fell
sick so couldn’t do much. Both mom and dad were busy the entire day so got them to
cut cake in the night. Still feeling terrible about not doing much on their big
day. Not that they mind. Trying to make amends nevertheless.

Sheekha, Gaja, Rosh, Sumanth and I met at IISc on Saturday. We went to Prakruthi
and ate to our hearts’ content. Laughed our guts off after I don’t know how long.
We hadn’t spoken that much in donkey’s years! This is what I miss most about
college. Eating like we were starved for weeks and laughing like we can’t stop.
Being happy without a care in the world. Those were the days!

On Tuesday I was in for a pleasant surprise. There was a postcard for me! I had
come across a profile on Instagram, whose owner claimed to be interested in writing
letters to random strangers upon request. I couldn’t resist asking her to write me
one too. So Mallika actually took the trouble of sending me a handwritten letter.
All hail snail mail! (My rhyming streak continues)

It was Shirley’s birthday on 15th and we decided to surprise her with a pre-birthday bash! Gaja, Rosh, Poojitha and a couple of Shirl’s classmates decided to go to her place on Saturday morning. Fortunately for us Shirley was fast asleep when we went barging into her room with the cake. The priceless look on her face was all we needed to know that she was least expecting it. Chethan joined the celebrations in the afternoon. Shirl’s dad made some lip smacking egg biryani which we polished off in no time. We played dumb charades, which was super hilarious.
Gaja: *holding up her fore finger and ring finger and nodding her head*
Rosh: First and third words are the same!
Is it Karthik calling Karthik? Bhaag Milkha bhaag? Om shanthi om?
Gaja nodded her head in disapproval, made a gesture of cutting hair.
Rosh: Ohh barber?
The answer was Jhoom barabar jhoom, which rosh figured out eventually.
I had choked on the mango juice by then, we were all laughing that hard.

Praveen had called me twice but my phone was on silent mode on both occasions so I did not notice his calls. I haven’t spoken to him since he left for the US. I’ve been meaning to skype him and Mounika but somehow the plans never seem to materialize. Either I’ll be sleeping when they’re up or they would’ve dozed  off by the time I’m ready to chat. Stupid time zones.

We went to IISc again on 13th, this time we bumped into Shravan from our college! Sheekha exhibited her marvelous selfie-clicking prowess that left both Sumanth and Shravan astounded. If you’re wondering what happened, er… she used her legs to hold the phone in place and clicked the picture using her toes. Gaja, rosh and I have gotten used to this circus but we were amazed (amused?) nonetheless. I have such talented friends.

Last Friday I tried installing the marshmallow update but my phone conked out. The bus journey back home was particularly hellish without my usual dose of music. On the upside, I survived an entire day with a switched off phone. Give me an Oscar already!

Sunday saw no traffic on the stretch between MG Road and Anil Kumble Circle. It was a traffic-free Open Streets day. Chethan, Gaja, Rosh and Kavya came along to the event. We saw a couple of our college people promoting the game of Frisbee. In addition to food trucks, there was an art exhibition, a super energetic performance by the Hip Hop Kannadigaru, painting, hula hoops, skateboarding, and a plethora of games for kids and adults alike. It was such an eventful evening.

On a completely unrelated note, I think MS Excel should be declared a life skill.
P.S. Off to bed now, zombiehood beckons.


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