Hunter’s clap

Friday was our last day at the Madiwala office. We had yet another unofficial team lunch. It was gooood (goes without saying). Trying not to imagine what the commute to new office will be like. I decided to go to college on Saturday. Kavya dropped out at the last minute due to some work. Chethan said he was coming as part of Sprinklr recruitment. Would you believe it? A year ago he could be spotted outside the placement office, week after week, dejection writ all over his face. I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s cursed his luck for not being able to clear the aptitude rounds. We were never quite able to figure out why a brilliant guy like him could not get placed. We would console him saying his hard work will be rewarded eventually and man, did his efforts pay off! When he finally (FINALLYYY) got through, we were more excited than he was.  Now he’s back in college as part of the interview panel. W-o-w.

I digress. I had asked almost everyone I knew to come to college on Saturday. Too much nostalgia you see. Gaja and Rosh couldn’t make it. Met Sumanth, Manoj (he gave me the much-needed GoT book), Mahesh (he had got truck loads of food from his native place), Yashas (hadn’t seen him in a really long time), Aditya, Sudhakar, Sonal and Aishwarya (part of Sprinklr recruitment) and a couple of our juniors. They haven’t changed one bit. Why did we graduate? Sigh.

When I got back home, guess who was there? Daboo! I honestly don’t know where she disappears for days on end! All of a sudden she graces us with a guest appearance. I was so happy to find her home. Bottom line: she responds ONLY to dad’s voice. I am non-existent to her. Heck, who cares? One look into her eyes is enough to melt away all your worries.

On Sunday I went to meet Gaja. Sheekha was unwell and Rosh still hadn’t returned from her trip. So it was just me and Gaja. She used to visit Dream A Dream as a volunteer. She had once gone as a substitute for her friend. When her friend returned, the kids wanted to re-enact ‘the hunter’s clap’ taught by Gaja. It goes ‘shoot-plop-gulum’. “They still remember me Sou!” She spoke of this incident with such fondness, it was hard not to notice the spark in her eyes.  I really think teaching little kids is her true calling.

After returning home I started reading GoT. It was simply unputdownable. Gripping plot. Unpredictable twists. Before I knew it, the clock struck three. 3 AM!! Damn! Had I not been sleepy, I would have probably continued reading well into the morning. Two hundred pages down, six hundred more to go. Can’t wait for the coming weekend!


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