“Maggi is bachelors’ biryani!”

Unofficial team lunches are so lovely! The conversation that ensues is even better. This Monday kicked off with a group lunch at the cafeteria. Post lunch we discovered there was a 1000 piece puzzle lying in office. The last time I held a puzzle box was perhaps fifteen years ago! We were chatting about cooking food in PG when Christy delivered the dialogue of the decade – Maggi is bachelors’ biryani. Then he and the rest went on to say how they would cook on an iron box, sometimes even using immersion rod to boil water for maggi! It was rather amusing to hear their stories.
I took two Malayalam movies from Kevin on the pendrive, Premam (Nivin Pauly) and 100 days of love (My love, Dulquer Salmaan). With subtitles of course. Borrowed The Immortals of Meluha from Christy. Man, had I missed reading!
Brother mine has preparatory exams going and as usual he’s still cool as cucumber. His friend Tejas did not know they had science exam on Monday and poor fellow had studied math the entire weekend. It was only on the day of exam, 40 minutes before the exam did he realize that they had science and not math.
Me: So was be able to study in half an hour?
Bro: No. He took half an hour to just convince himself that we had science and not math exam.
Me: *mentally prostrated* Wow, I was never like this in school! So which subject tomorrow?
Bro: Everyone is studying Kannada, so it must be Kannada.
Me: *jaw drops*
Mom: Why didn’t you note down the time table?
Bro: I did not have my rough book.
Needless to say, both mom and I were dumbfounded.
Kids, these days.

On Thursday we had a pooja at Ghati. It went well. I was tired as hell when we got back. Very few people turned up on Friday. Most of them were on leave as it is a long weekend.

Work kept me unusually busy even on Saturday. By 5pm on Sunday I was done with the week’s work. Rosh, Gaja, Sheekha and Kavya came over and we chatted away to glory! I really cannot imagine weekends without meeting them at least once. They are my weekend elixir.

I’d thought the pending office work would leave me with no time to catch up with college buddies on Tuesday. Fortunately I managed to finish it all by Monday so I was completely free on Republic Day(Tuesday). As always, we made an impromptu plan of going to college. Gaja, Roshni and Sheekha were not able to make it. Chethan, Kavya and I went and to our surprise we met the IEM gang. Rakshith, who had come from Pune, Tilak and Gouthami who came all the way from Chennai. There were also Hitha, Rashmi and Aparameya. It was fun. Walking around the college as an alumnus was a different feeling altogether. We ate at aunty paratha’s. Mmhmmm those frankies…
Aprameya: So where’s your new office?
Me: We are shifting to some halli next month. It’s a four hour journey, to and fro.
Aprameya: Oh. Sleep well.
On a serious note, I am dreading the shift! Nearly five hours will be spent merely on travelling. Why can there not be a tech park in the heart of the city? Just why?
In other news, I have decided to visit college at least once a month. It’s seriously therapeutic.

Today at lunch Arindham had got something that he had prepared himself.
We were curious to know what it was.
He: If it is cooked properly, it’s called bread pulao. What I’ve made is a bread disaster!
To be honest it tasted nice. Meghana also cooks really well. Our very own Masterchef! Food talks inducing an irresistible craving. Time to go raid the refrigerator!


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