This week was more hectic than the last. Waking up in the morning is such a pain. Whenever someone at office says they woke up at 7am, I mentally think to myself, that’s my snooze time! On Wednesday we went to Moosa’s. We had had snacks there before, but didn’t know the place was called Moosa’s. They sell all varieties of bajjis, bondas and the like. On Skype when someone asked what is meant by Moosa’s, pat came the reply “Maybe it’s half of samoosas”! On sankranthi we went for an unofficial team lunch. Had typical South Indian meals served on plantain leaves after eons! One of my colleagues who is from North India, had no experience eating meals whatsoever. He had to be instructed to wash the leaf before eating. He said it was better than his PG food. When we got back Meghana and I were trying to describe sankranthi sweets to Anjali.

Me: We prepare sakkare achhu, ellu bella and also buy sugarcane.
Anjali: What’s sakkare achhu?
Meghana: Sugar cookies!
I couldn’t help but laugh at this. I went on to explain that sugar syrup will be poured into moulds of different shapes and sizes.
Meghana: Oh yes, sugar impressions!
Anjali: Please get me the sugar dolls okay?
At this point I was laughing hysterically.

Met Kavya and Roshni on Saturday. Kavya wanted to go shopping so went to Lifestyle. Rosh(at Allen Solly): How do these big brands come to be? I’ll take the threads of all my torn clothes and start by own brand called ‘Callum pally’ (with an accent)!

Rosh and I had got momos from Safina Plaza which we ate outside the store. Would you believe who we saw? Dhanya! Felt so good. I guess it’s turned into a trend, bumping into college classmates every weekend! Last week it was Manoj, this week it was Dhanya. In spite of having had the momos our hunger was not satiated. So we headed to Garuda mall to eat at KFC. Kavya left from there while Rosh and I got back to her house where we met Gaja. Sheekha couldn’t make it, unfortunately. Roshni’s classmate Vivek also came to her place and we spoke and spoke till mom called me to remind it was 9pm already! Oh, how I miss losing track of  hours and being blissfully lost in small talk!

Thanks to eating out this entire week, I fell sick today. Parents were not home. My only resort was my brother Navaneeth and I ended up asking him to get bread and ORS for me. Without a second thought he agreed. If I were in his position I’d have probably asked mom or dad to buy it. I’m eternally grateful to have him help me out during such distressing times. I almost passed out in the bathroom. Since the medical stores were closed he was able to get only bread. I asked him if he saw tender coconut seller. To which he instantly responded if I would like him to go and check again. I don’t remember being so caring when I was his age. So much to learn from him. Having said that, he’s also the most chilled out human ever. His preparatory exams start from Tuesday and he still doesn’t have the time table! He is least bothered about the schedule. He’s already revised all his subjects seven to eight times so it’s no big deal what subject comes first. Mom: Did you ask your friend for the time table?

Nav: He also does not know.
Mom: Okay, do you at least know the duration?
Nav: Three hours, I think.
Mom: Which is the first subject?
Nav: Science, or maybe Social.
Brother of mine will definitely prosper.


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