So much to write, so little time

Four days since my last blog post! Weekdays are turning into weekends super fast! Not that I’m complaining. It’s a welcome change. I just wish I had more time to focus on writing though.

Daboo seldom visits us these days. I miss her when she doesn’t turn up. Such a bundle of canine cuteness! After mom feeds her biscuits and milk, Daboo makes it a point to see dad and will leave only after her share of petting has been done. It’s such a heartwarming sight. Unconditional love in its truest form.

We were watching TV the other day, when all of a sudden the smell of petroleum filled the air. Dad went outside to check if the fuel tank of any of our vehicles was leaking. Turns out our neighbours had sprayed pesticide and used kerosene to ward off pests. Phew! Who would have known that? We had freaked out for a good ten minutes.

I’ve been wanting (read dying) to buy/borrow/flick GoT books for a while now. None of my friends have it, they prefer watching the series. I’m more of a bookworm so I simply cannot stand the TV adaptation of books. Nothing in this world can beat the original version. It’s just not the same. Wait, it’s never the same. 

I was stuck with some review work on Saturday owing to which I couldn’t get out of the house. Staying indoors on weekends is just not my thing. So on Sunday we decided to catch up in the evening. By ‘we’ I mean Gaja, Rosh and me. Sheekha and Kavya are almost always missing. Damn! How drastically life changes when you transition from college to corporate world. We had gone to Malleshwaram, savoured the world’s most delish pizza and when we were loafing around GUESS whom we bumped into! Manoj from my class! Such a pleasant surprise. I had nearly forgotten what it was like to talk without thinking twice! Meeting classmates outside of college is always so nice. I wish we had never graduated. Sigh.
Later we headed to Malleshwaram club where Siri joined us. I hadn’t seen her since the day she came to India. I’m so glad we were able to meet. She’ll be leaving this Thursday. I will always remember her as the girl who introduced me to the world of jenga.

Brother dearest had gone to VIT for an idea presentation contest. It was a South Indian level competition. Guess who bagged the first prize? Little bro and team. He refused to divulge details of his path breaking idea. He hasn’t told parents either. What top secret could this possibly be? I’m still wondering. Oh, here he comes, seeking last minute help in completing his project that is (no points for guessing) due tomorrow! Time to put my Google searching prowess to test. So long, folks!


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