“That would make a nice story for my blog.”

This is what I kept telling myself today morning when traffic came to a complete standstill because of a fire that broke out on the way to office.
I don’t mean to say the fire part was nice, but what followed is truly a story to be told!
There was a big cloud of smoke about 200 meters from where I was and people had gathered to see what was going on. I’m guessing no one was harmed. I took a detour; the traffic was impossible. On impulse, I decided to go back and check if the fire had been doused and the traffic, cleared. That was the most foolish decision in the history of mankind. I realized that when I went again and got stuck in a bigger and more terrible traffic jam that just.didn’t.budge. At this point I must tell you that I am geographically challenged (You may call me a pseudo-Bangalorean), despite residing here since birth. Having zero knowledge about alternate routes, I decided to head back home and take an auto from there. It was 10am. Normally, by that time I would have been in office. On the way back an idea crossed my mind. Why not take a bus from Shivajinagar itself? Why go home? Feeling all badass-like, I parked my vehicle at the bus stand and went hunting for the right platform. After asking around four or five conductors I finally got into the right bus. BOOYAH! Mission accomplished.

Days seem to be whizzing past real quick! Yesterday was Tuesday?? Feels like it was Sunday five seconds ago. Around 8pm Kavya called me wanting to know if I was free. Mounika was skype chatting with her, she wanted me to join them. Join I did. Mou hasn’t changed a bit. Same old mad, hyper, retarded girl.
Me: My back is so itchy, how to apply moisturizer?
Mou: Just pour it on the floor and roll on it.
Me: I’m not a pig like you. Shameless girl!
Mou: You fleshless girl!
Me: You know, I’ve started a blog!
Mou: Why don’t you write a novel?
Me: Sure, only your kids will read it.
Kavya: No, I don’t want to kill my kids.

The convo went on. Just like old times. Except for the fact that we are in different time zones, nothing had changed. Hope to do more of this in future.

Oh, before I forget, I had completely forgotten to wish Komal today! I usually wish at 12 midnight, but today I did not have the slightest clue that it was her birthday. I saw our class group chat being spammed with birthday wishes, Mahesh and Kavya had put up pictures with Komal and YET I couldn’t figure it out. Only when Kavya asked me if I’d wished for her birthday did it hit me. Called and spoke to Komal. Just like old times.

I wish the old times never ended.


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