2016 is here!

The clock strikes 12. Firecrackers in the air. Screams of “Happy new year” everywhere. I’m sitting in my room looking up the best blogging platform. Ta-da! *cue drumroll* peppermintandpopsicles.wordpress.com is here!

The day began with a visit to mom’s sister’s place to meet Sagarika and fam. My breathing barbie doll is back in India! My first reaction on seeing her was utter shock. She’s lost so much weight. Does Ghana suck the fat out of you or what? She is no longer deliciously chubby; but her infectious enthusiasm has not dulled. She’s in grade one, btw. Dhruva had come over too. Being the introvert that he is, he went to his grandparents’ room and sat glued to the TV. Sagarika and I played catch with three balls of varying levels of inflation, ali guli mane (a board game played with tamarind seeds), football even.

I simply had to make Dhruva play. How can an 11 year old boy watch TV all day without moving an inch? He was unrelenting at first, but on seeing Saga and I making origami boats he couldn’t resist joining us (yay! Brownie points for making him play without even trying). I asked him to teach me how to make an aeroplane. After having a mini contest of “whose-aeroplane-flies-the-farthest” he had a change of heart and decided to make paper bombs (just tearing up paper and rolling them into balls). I could already picture the bed turning into one big mess. Paper scraps everywhere! I hit upon the idea of aiming the paper bombs into a bowl, which was exactly what we three did for the next two hours! When we had exhausted our ability to take aim and shoot, we decided to have a concert. Yes, concert. Finally. My kinda thing. I was the host, Sagarika and Dhruva were the singers. Saga sang sa-ri-ga-ma-pa while Dhruva sang do-re-mi-fa-so. It was hilarious to say the least. To spice things up a bit, I asked Dhruva to sing nursery rhymes in the tune of cartoon songs (twinkle twinkle little star in the tune of chota bheem, johnny johnny yes papa in the tune of tom and jerry, you get the drift right?). He taught me the “blah blah duh duh” language. Just go blahduhbabablahblahduuuh. Easy peasy. Dhruva was totally enjoying the games. He even made me and Sagarika play Simon says. “Simon says do a quadruple backflip” “Simon says do gymnastics” “Simon says go around the house 500 times” “Simon says stare at each other” “Simon says fly like a superhero” “Simon says walk backwards”. Phew. This boy will really go places! Next up, we had a game of imitating the walking styles of cartoon characters/moviestars. Billu, preethi, spiderman, iron man, hulk, batman, superman, you name it. Post lunch we continued our funny struts. I feel the evening ended too soon. Dhruva will be coming home this Sunday. Looking forward to seeing him. Ooh, did I mention the Ghana chocolates that Sagarika’s dad had got for us? They were yum.

After coming back home I went along with Gaja to Roshni’s house. Sheekha was already there. I wish Kavya stayed close by too. Sheekha had got paratha with channa (bless her, they were heavenly) and Gaja made coffee for us. Roshni’s mom gave us chapati and the yummiest palya ever. Best recipe for new year? Food, family, friends, more food! We ate like we were starved for days on end (that’s how we usually eat anyway), lost track of time (yet again) and before long it was 9pm. I don’t know how exactly it happened, but we ended up making a sleepover plan. Then the feeling of new year finally sank in. I was excited beyond description when Gaja and Sheekha’s parents approved of the plan. We came to my place, made the beds, did we sleep? Of course not. The typical girl banter began and went on till 2am! After some life-altering epiphanies, midnight toast craving, nail painting and lighthearted chatter, we dozed off. Such a brilliant start to the new year.


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